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Guide to dampness in buildings

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We guide you through the simple steps to identify the causes of your dampness problem.

Our objectives:

* Help you to find the correct cause of the dampness at minimal cost

* Explain the reasons for the dampness so that you become your own expert

* Eliminate wasteful damp proofing, tanking or stripping out

* Minimise your costs of repair

For immediate help you can call our qualified experts (we are PCA members) on 01626 872886

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If you'd like to send us the details of your problem complete our Dampness questionnaire.

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10 of the biggest whoppers - Damp proofing lies and myths - click to read all or select sections below

Most frequently asked questions about Damp - click to read all or select sections below

A Damp Proofing Company or Builder says that I need a new Damp Proof Course - no you don't

Does Rising Damp really exist - yes, but rarely Natural

I have Damp on the ground floor and I want to know why - we can help

I had a Damp Proof Course installed but the damp problem is back - no surprise, we explain

What causes a damp proof course to be 'bridged' - lots of things

How can internal walls get damp - not from natural rising damp

Do I really need to take off the plaster - not always, we explain when

May I skim over existing plaster - maybe

My Replastered wall did not dried out properly - we explain why

I was told that 'skimming' over old plaster works - often not, sadly

My wall was Tanked, but damp patches are back - we explain why

I had Cavity Insulation installed and now I have a damp problem - we explain why

Cavity wall insulation cannot make a wall damp - not true, learn why

My Chimney breast walls are damp in patches - not uncommon, read why

The Council rainsed my pavement - now my walls are damp and my floor is rotten - can I claim from the Council? - Yes, but you will need our help

Leak Testing

Water leaks from Mains Water, Surface Water and Foul Water pipes are one of the commonest causes of damp in buildings - click here to learn how to Test for water leaks

Cellar or basement damp

Why is this different to above ground situations - because of hydrostatic pressure

What tests should be done before waterproofing - to eliminate other causes, like leaks

Party Wall Damp

Why is this different compared with my other walls - you share it with a neighbour, legally

The Party Wall Act - governs party wall behavior

Holiday Villa damp in Europe

Why many European Villas are different to modern UK properties - five main faults

Cold floors in concrete flats

Beam and Block floors - why they can cause mold

Water tests required - test details

Damp Related Definitions - click here

Natural Rising Damp

Man Made Rising Damp


Penetrating Damp


Hydrostatic Damp

Damp Proof Course

Chemical Damp Proof Course


Products - click here

What is a chemical damp proof course

How is a chemical damp proof course installed

What types of chemical damp proofing are available

How do Air Gap Membranes work above ground

How do Cavity Drain Membranes work below ground

Want Help - E: Mail us at help@propertyrepairsystems.co.uk


Damp proofing advice - leak detection by phone, E Mail and photographs

Case Study

Photo Gallery

Diagnosing dampness - call us on 01626 872886

A 'damp meter' and surface thermometer (see https://www.dampness-info.co.uk/meters.htm) are useful tools for this diagnosis - if not available use the back of your hand to assess the relative dampness of one affected area to another unaffected area..

click here to look at a real house Case Study

Property Care Association

We are long term members of the PCA - The Property Care Association - the professional body for the Damp Proofing industry and our Dampness Surveyors have over 50 years of experience between them.

If you prefer to use a Contractor, rather than our free advice service, then go to the PCA Website where you can find the nearest qualified specialist companies. They should give you the same information that we provide. If in doubt E Mail their Reports to us for checking, before spending any money.

Link for the PCA - click here.

Want Help choosing a Contractor - E: Mail us at help@propertyrepairsystems.co.uk

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DAMP SHOP - for Damp proofing in buildings

MEMBRANE FOR DAMP WALLS & FLOORS SHOP - how to use Membranes on damp walls

TANKING SHOP - for Damp proofing below DPC level

MOLD SHOP - for Mold problems and their solutions

SURVEYING TOOLS SHOP - for tools for surveying your building for damp

DAMP PROOFING EQUIPMENT SHOP - pumps, injection rods, spray lances

CHIMNEY BREAST REPAIR SHOP - how to repair plaster on chimney breasts and alcoves

BORON TREATMENTS SHOP - how to use Boron based chemicals to save timbers from decay

EPOXY REPAIR RESINS SHOP - how to repair structural walls and timbers

FIRE PAINTS SHOP - how to protect steel, wood and plaster from fire

JOIST REPAIR KITS SHOP - how to repair joists affected by damp, insects and rot

TIMBER REPAIR SHOP - how to use resins to repair structural timbers

WOODWORM TREATMENT SHOP - how to treat woodworm in roof and floors

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